The Issues

My vision for Fishers and how the future looks

Fishers is close and dear to my heart. I want to see the best out of Fishers. My family is here, and as a member of the community, I want to put my full effort into improving the city and making it take shape in the way that we all want. The only way we can do this is through a strong vision and willingness to look at things objectively and figure out how we can row.

Here’s how we can do that:

  • Come together as a community and discuss the bigger issues and changes we see facing fishers and how we can turn them into a positive and work past them. We can only help the city if we are willing to work as a team, recognize future needs and adapt accordingly.
  • How do we make these improvements? By creating a well thought out strategy and seeing what the city of Fishers needs and how we can keep the city innovation but at the same time financially stable.  This is exhibited in the updates to the 2040 Plan.
  • Planning for the future will keep Fishers a fantastic place to live for years to come.

Services Development (Transport, Infrastructure, Training, Parks, etc)

Fishers Infrastructure has needed some work for some time. I think it is important that we give a bit of tender love and care to the city that we live in and start by improving our basic systems that keep our city running. For example, traffic is an issue for many people in Fishers.  The continued monitoring of traffic patterns, signal timing, and road improvement will improve the traffic throughput within our community.

A few important points and things that need our attention are:

  • Where needed, a focus on improving education and training for those who play a key part in our city and have occupations that affect the majority of the city. This includes vital services such as EMS, engineering for roads and traffic, and staff who work to improve our daily lives.
  • Provide technology to assist these service providers to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.
  • Continue to add art and culture, paths and parks to make our community a great place to play.

Economic Development in Fishers

Focusing on innovation and development in the economic environment of Fishers is of paramount importance. As our city’s businesses grow and jobs increase, we will see an exciting change and will give us the foundation to make important improvements that are needed in the city.

We need to focus on:

  • Take a look at redesigning the older areas of Fishers and renovate the area to help grow new and existing businesses and improve our overall economic situation.
  • Focus on creating new partnerships with other businesses that can help drive growth in the city.
  • A key look at how we can improve entrepreneurial traction in the city to continue our pursuit of being Smart, Vibrant, and Entrepreneurial.
  • By continuing smart and planned growth, we will remain an admirable community to work.

Fishers Storm Water Utility

Stormwater fees were increased last year, effective 2019. Below is a link to the mailer with details you should have...


November 2018 Flyer

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